Thread: Amphetamines & Hypersexuality.

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    Amphetamines & Hypersexuality. 
    Many amphetamines make me hypersexual when I'm on them. Should I be embarrassed about it afterwards?
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    Don't be silly just be glad that you had fun
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    I used to get very aroused and perverse on amphetamines.

    Unfortunately, they also caused "shrinkage" which made it very hard to perform. What cruel irony!
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    What are you doing on amphetamines that make you think you should feel embarrassed?

    Adderall used to make sex feel better than ever. My entire body was extra sensitive. It also made my sex drive non-existent after being on it for a while. It kinda turns on you.

    It made my ex unable to perform whenever he took it.
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    Yeah i found it hard to get up, but once i'm up i'm up.

    Nothing to be embarrassed about - have fun!
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    You and every other stimulant user..

    It's all good.. fap away.
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    I always feel that its understated that there is an actual synergy going on with your neurotransmitters which actually gets you more fucked, it's like taking another drug. Amphetamines + masturbation creates such a dirty, addictive, longer lasting buzz.

    I wouldn't worry about it, pretty much everyone does it with amps.
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    I think this is fairly common. Are you doing anything specific that you'd be embarassed about?
    Seems fairly common from what I know anyway.
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    Sex, Love & Relationships
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    I think that depends...

    Does your partner know that you're high?

    If so, then no.

    If not, then yes.
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