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    ** Looking for a few good mods! 
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    Hello everyone, we find ourselves this fine day in need of a couple of new moderators for our lovely LAVA. The forum is not difficult to moderate, so if you've ever wanted to be a moderator at Bluelight, and you'd like to help run this place, please consider applying. The only requirement is a willingness to devote some time to making sure this place runs smoothly. No special knowledge or skill set is required, just an interest in the position.

    If you'd like to apply, please send a PM to me and Sadie with answers to the following questions:

    • Why are you interested in modding LAVA?
    • What sort of time do you have available for the task?
    • What time zone are you in?

    Thanks all, I hope to see some applications in my inbox soon!
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    Meee. I cannot belive this. I love this section a lot. I am gonna send you a message, Shadow!
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