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    Buspar losing effectiveness? 
    Iv been on buspar for like 3 months or so 10mg 2x a day. About 2 weeks ago I had a slight anxiety attack wasn't bad jyst felt it which was weird cause I haven't had one in forever. Then about a week ago I woke up in the morning after drinking an smoking weed all night and felt super light headed and had a pretty bad panic attack. Ever since then iv been doubting the buspar. I feel like my physical symptoms are coming back like fluttery fast heart rate lightheadness and naseua. They seem to come and go. Iv notice coffee starting to give me fluttery chest feeling again. And one thing iv noticed is when going on walks i use to get anxiety even on buspar but I could finish my walk latley iv noticed its hard to finish and i have to turn around. I started to have a panic attack while walking the other day but it went away in about a min. I'm just really afraid it's getting less effective because iv made great stridess. Felt better and even went to concerts and sporting events which I usally get anxiety but i was fine the whole time

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    I was in an intensive outpatient program in which they wouldn't let me take benzos (prescribed by a doctor I'd been seeing for years) and the IOP doc put me on Buspar. I found it to be a complete waste. IME, at best, it's a placebo.

    I've been severely alcoholic for upwards of a decade. Rebound anxiety is always a problem coming off alcohol. The best way to not have to deal with it is to just not drink. That doesn't mean you won't have anxiety, but alcohol always makes it worse.
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    I never got a thing out of buspar (other than sick when I mixed with DXM by mistake. I thought "I do acid on dxm serotonin agonists are fine." wrong.)

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    I found it useless. It's just a drug they give to say they gave you something for anxiety.
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    Your experience is what is. It may deviate from the majority, but it is still what you have had happen while taking this medication. We can't go beyond there and recommend using drugs or supplements to treat a mental illness. We can't really say more, as individual experiences, barring outrageous effects, don't mean anything. Talk to your doctor. Closed. PM me if you have questions.

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