Thread: Concerned About Someone In Opiate Recovery -- Help? Advice?

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    Concerned About Someone In Opiate Recovery -- Help? Advice? 
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    So I have a friend (I swear to god, it's a real friend and not me!) that is a heroin addict. At the time I met him, he was on methadone. Over the year that I've known him, he cycled down from his methadone with the use of Meth. Basically until a week before he went into a rehab program.

    When he got out of rehab, he wasn't sure that he was going to pursue general overall sobriety for the long term, but that's what was going to happen for a while.

    I have to say that although we are not intimate, he moved in with me while we were waiting for my roommate to move out. I've kicked him out of bed several times for the fact that his legs are always restless and he tosses and turns keeping me awake.

    But I'm starting to wonder if he never got completely clean or if he's maybe back into meth? He doesn't really sleep; when we're getting ready for bed he takes handfuls of melatonin gummies, benadryl, etc. After a night of doing shots. He downed an entire bottle of Robitussin in 48 hours. Went through a period where he was popping immodium like crazy too.

    When it goes into the bathroom, there's always a minute or two where it sounds like he's sniffing and then he starts going to the bathroom. I mean, there are more details that I could share, but if anyone is willing to voice their thoughts or contact me privately, I'd appreciate it.

    My concern is for both him and for me. I have a tendency to be codependent and I'm really trying to figure out if I'm just imagining shit because I know he's a recovering addict or if I have something to be concerned about.
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    Hey KrushIt76, welcome to Bluelight, and shout-out to a MA brother.

    It's really difficult to say if he is using again. You would know far better than we would.

    But as they say, once an addict, always an addict.

    If i were you, i'd just have a one-on-one talk with him. Say you're concerned for his safety, will not ditch him or think poorly of him if he's using, but honestly, "are you still using?".

    But that's a tough situation, man. I guess you need to just catch him in the act if all else fails.
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    Sounds like post acute withdrawal syndrom to me.
    Addicted? Want to stop? We can help! Come to the sober living forum!
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    Hey Krush, it's difficult to comment on this one. The fact that he's taking all of this over the counter stuff, drinking, makes me think he's self medicating to cover up withdrawal symptoms. Methadone is known for having looong term wd symptoms. I used to take shots and eat 3 boxes of immodium just to take the edge off.
    At the same time, addicts are better at deception than the fucking CIA. They'll convince you they're not using if you catch them with a needle in their arm.

    It's a difficult situation, and you don't want to pressure someone in that state because it can have some nasty consequences, but you can't allow someone's addiction ruin your life.

    I agree with madness. Have a calm and clear conversation with him. If you feel comfortable, ask if he's willing to take an at home urine test that you can pick up at any pharmacy. I know i would flip out and make you look like the bad guy for not trusting me if I was still doing dope and refuse to give a sample. Good luck and be careful. Keep us posted.
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    I would say if he's drinking bottles of robitussin he is probably not on meth because it's a very dangerous combo and you would be able to tell he was sick as hell.
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