Thread: U.S. - FDA Approves Clinical Trial: Microdosing Psilocybin for Depression

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    U.S. - FDA Approves Clinical Trial: Microdosing Psilocybin for Depression 
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    FDA Approves Clinical Trial Of Magic Mushroom's 'Psychedelic Ingredient' To Treat Depression
    Jonnalyn Cortez
    Business Times
    September 14th, 2018

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of magic mushroom's "psychedelic ingredient" to treat depression. The federal agency allowed the life science firm Compass Pathways to conduct a drug trial on August 23 to see its effects on patients who were not cured by traditional medicines for the depressive disorder.

    According to Talon Marks, there will be 216 patients that will participate in the said trial in Europe and North America that will start this September. The clinical study will need to begin with a small number of cases as it also tries to lessen the treatment period to one hour and a half.

    Compass Pathways will "microdose" the patient with magic mushroom's psychoactive ingredient called psilocybin. Microdose is to give the lowest dose of the said element of the fungus to see its minor effect.

    The clinical trial will be under the supervision of psychologists and scientists to assist the participants with their "new feelings and thoughts" while under the examination. As most physicians today give treatments that don't usually work on every patient, the use of magic mushroom may finally give them the cure they have been long waiting.
    Read the full story here.
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    My hopes are blighted, my heart is broken, my life a burden, everything around me is sad and mournful; earth has become distasteful to me, and human voices distract me. It is mercy to let me die, for if I live I shall lose my reason and become mad.
    Micro dosing won’t do much with this ime.

    They should allow full dose trials
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    I love this and look forward to my prescription and trials treating addiction.
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    I would save all my mirco-doses over the month and take a full dose once a month rather than daily microdosing. I don't believe in microdosing honestly, it's just another one of those damn silicon valley trends so everyone thinks it must be so fantastic or something. You only need one trip, not one trip diluted over a month, it's just not the same.
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