Thread: U.S. - Police Search a Man's Home for 'Narcotics' After One of Their Own Killed Him

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    U.S. - Police Search a Man's Home for 'Narcotics' After One of Their Own Killed Him 
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    Why Did Dallas Police Search a Man's Home for 'Narcotics' After One of Their Own Killed Him?
    Joe Setyon
    September 12th, 2018

    Yet more questions have emerged about the death of Botham Jean, a Dallas man shot in his own home by an off-duty police officer.

    Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger, who lived in the apartment directly below Jean's, says she mistook his residence for her own. According to an arrest affidavit for Guyger, she returned from a shift Thursday night and attempted to enter Jean's apartment using her "unique door key." Since the door was already ajar, it "fully opened under the force of the key insertion," the affidavit says. She then claims to have encountered Jean, believed him to be a burglar, and shot him twice after he ignored her "verbal commands." Jean was later declared dead at a nearby hospital.

    Now KXAS reports that the day after the shooting, a Dallas Police Department investigator obtained a warrant to search Jean's apartment. The warrant, signed by 292nd District Court Judge Brandon Birmingham, says the police intended to look for "any contraband, such as narcotics," that could "constitute[e] evidence of a criminal offense."

    The warrant seems to suggest police had reason to believe some sort of illegal substance was present at Jean's residence. When asked whether such probable cause existed, a Dallas police spokesperson referred Reason to the Texas Rangers, who took over the investigation soon after the shooting. A Texas Rangers spokesperson, in turn, referred Reason to the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.

    A spokesperson for the district attorney said the search warrant was "fairly standard" for such a high-profile case, but added that "no specifics about the case will be released at this time to maintain the integrity of the case."
    Read the full story here.
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    They're trying to frame the victim so the cop can get off clean? For fuck's sake... she invaded the man's home and shot him! If a civilian did that to her they'd be sentenced to twelve death sentences and 200 years in prison...
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    If she doesn't go to prison I'll be pissed
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    That's seriously fucked up. Cseems like she's getting support from senior members of the police force.

    She should lose her job and be charged with murder.
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    I saw this case a while back, the media hasn't fully picked up on it and the police are trying to come up with a reason the officer should be charged with anything less than 2nd degree (1st if she knew the guy, which I think she did) murder. Hence the search turning up less than $100 of weed. They are going to spin that into self defense or manslaughter somehow. The fucking "thin blue line."
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    I read about this on Reddit like 24 hours after it happened. There were news articles linked that had neighbors describe hearing her try and get in the door for a while, yell something like "open up", and then the sounds of arguing and shit before the shooting Also, many reports they knew eachother.

    IT's really fucking sketchy. It's like everytime I read a thread on Reddit about a high profile shooting or some shit, there is always a slew of verifiable first day reporting that never makes it to the news. Like that san Bernadino shooting a few years back. There was a fuckload of people listening to the police scanners, posting all types of shit, and the official story was NOTHING like what thousands of people heard first hand over police scanners.

    I just gotta stop careing anymore, because most all news seems like bullshit.
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