Thread: Class is in session at Canada's first 'pot school'

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    Class is in session at Canada's first 'pot school' 
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    Class is in session at Canada's first 'pot school'
    James Dunne
    September 16th, 2018

    The school year may be two weeks old, but there's still a buzz at one college in southern Ontario over a program not available anywhere else in the country.

    "I never thought five years ago, maybe even two years ago, that we'd be here in this classroom starting a course on commercial cannabis production," said professor Bill MacDonald.

    MacDonald is the head of Niagara's College's new cannabis program. On the first day of school, he not only had students huddled around him, but also reporters and cameras.

    The root of the excitement is that Canada is just over a month away from making pot legal for recreational use, and licensed cannabis producers across the country are hiring greenhouse staff as they ramp up operations.

    Niagara College is offering what some might see as a pretty cool credential -- a one-year certificate in growing pot. But if it has cachet, the class also comes with hard work.
    Read the full story here.
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    Good. Bring it on. Anything to undermine any remaining reefer madness.
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