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    This looks nothing like Ketamine 
    So I got some sample K (S-Isomer) as I've never done it before, and what was in the bag was kinda oily, clumpy white flakes.

    Chopping it into lines was impossible as it loved to stick to itself. 40mg insuflated felt kinda like being drunk but still being able to string together a conversation. Had moments where I felt a mild disconnect between my mind and body. Residual effect felt like it would never go away, attempted sleep at T-4:00 and it was impossible.

    Today I dissolved a small amount in some water, and evaporated it over a bain marie. What was left was an oily slick which is now slowly recrystalising into what essentially looks like what I had before.

    Does this mirror anyone elses' experiences?

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    We don't do drug ID here, sorry. This could be any number of different things, the only way to know for sure would be a reagent test or sending a sample to a lab.

    I'm going to close this.

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