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    Hi y?all! Noob here! 
    Hi! I?m just following the rules and introducing myself! I?m from a southern state, have a husband and like to have a good time every now and then, safely. So glad I found this place!
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    Hey LadySarcastic welcome to Bluelight.
    I to am from the south. I now live more north(still south).
    Glad to have another southerner here.
    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to send me a PM. here
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    Hi welcome to bluelight. I joined quite recently myself.

    Alot of the people on here are very nice and good to chat with.

    Lots of good advice, and people that care about others using drugs in a way that causes the least harm.

    I hope you enjoy posting on bluelight and have a good browse at all the forums to see which ones suit you most. I have already learned so much from Bluelight and i hope its the same for you.

    Kind regards

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    I too share your love of sarcasm. Though, on the internet in plain text you often have to make it very obvious for the other person to get that it's a joke.

    We are so glad to have you! (not sarcasm)

    See you around.
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    I tend to keep the sarcasm nil to lighthearted on the internet too. It?s too hard to fully convey the sarcasm most of the time and you only come off rude. 😁
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    Thank y?all for such a warm welcome! 😁
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