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    IV Oxy 30 
    So I used to abuse heroin quite frequently in my previous years but have been mostly sober aside from some speratic multi night Roxie binges followed by a cold turkey detox. But I have been trying to shoot a Roxie and can not get it done. What is the trick to make these blues adequately dissolve in the water so that you get a good shot. Somebody help.
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    Shouldn't shoot pills without a micron filter. You can find them online if you search on Google. Just using cotton isnt enough and you'll end up with binders and fillers in the solution. Try to use a pretty decent amount of water as well when you are mixing it up. Don't use any heat.

    I've personally never had a desire to shoot those tho cuz i heard the rush isn't all that. Has a pretty high oral bioavailability as well. It would probably be strong if you were to plug it, could always give that a go.
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    Roxies can sometimes take a minute to get up in a syringe.

    I myself have done TONS of these by IV and never used a micron filter.

    Use a tad bit more than 1cc of water and stir a lot. Use a cotton, sometimes more than 1. and you will be good. you lucky bastard.
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    Just because you have shot a million things without a micron doesn't mean you shouldn't start. Eventually shooting anything will catch up with you, at the very least it'll help save your veins so you can continue to use them.
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