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    ShawomanBC is in the house! 
    Hey All I?m new - first post from the land down under... I only joined because I?m starting to get upset with the bans the law and governments are imposing around the world. Why? Well because they are banning NATURAL THERAPIES THAT HAVE BEEN INDIGIOUSLY USED before the dawn of BIG PHARMA, THE FDA, And The Money Mafia that control us.

    Personally I have tried marijuana ( it makes me too stupid and sick. But I?ve seen it do wonders for friends. So I don?t judge. In its day I loved ecstasy but once they started lacing it with LSD (Tripstacy) I couldn?t take it.

    I took sped a lot because I could function well on it, later finding out I?m ADD hence speed keeping my thoughts focused... but that too was a street drug and dirty... I don?t take party drugs anymore. However after a huge breakdown in my 40?s I found myself on chemical pharmaceuticals Xanax, Valium, ( these settledme in a way I could function. And I wasn?t a scared tense little thing anymore, I?m on antidepressants and I take Ritalin and vitamins.... yes they help but I did attempt suicide 5 years ago while on antidepressants and had already had a Xanax to try and calm down.... but I couldn?t I was broken I was wailing and there was a bottle with 48 Xanax in it... I was inconsolable after a heated argument with my landlord. Before he turned up I was happy, his rent was always paid to the day on time. And yet he persistently stuck his nose in my life. I closed the door on him, tried to calm down I was shaking and talking to my friends online.. but even they couldn?t snap me out of this head spin. I had 1 dark thought that we?ve all had before but this time I did it I
    Swallowed all 48.

    I woke the next day in Intensive care... at 46 I attempted suicide, I became a cutter, and I had a deatheish.

    I?ve had to scrape the darkest recesses of my soul to in order to learn to speak up and stand up for me. I had to stop being so nice to the world. Because every time I tried it stabbed me.

    Anyway I could go on but my peeve is that things like Ayahausca and DMT, and and medicinal Marijuana etc are becoming or are illegal substance that grow naturally in the earth???? Yet all the things I was given and still have to take as recommended by specialists... I?m damn sure are having a long term bad effect on me.

    Then I log in to Netflix today to hear there?s another natural
    Painkiller, calmative that has been banned
    By the powers that be claiming it has killed
    Propel sorry but Monsanto has killed more people with Aspartame than any natural drug. I believe the NWO.. is real
    And noted we are started to
    Wise up to
    The plants growing in our own yards can have a much more desired outcome then st drugs, AND pharmalogical

    So when a reporter turns up saying ?another person has died using Kratom I instantly remind myself... who owns the media. Yup the same group of people we call Illuminati / NWO / Big pharmacy, the banks, the energy providers... AND THEY DONT WANT US TO BE OUR OWN MEDICINE MEN/women

    That?s all bye now xxx
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    Yo I'm aussie and theres aussie here, kiwis too tho lol

    Jump I and say hi, dont be shy theres plenty of time for lubes later!
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    What's up ShawomanBC.

    We have a Current Events and Politics subforum, The Dark Side subforum (with a suicide support thread), and a Basic Drug Discussion subforum, all of which you may be interested in. Looks like you're a thinker, as opposed to a sheep, so we could use someone like you to give some perspective on world issues as well as experience with drugs.

    Thanks for joining the team homie.

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    The lounge is for discussion about nuclear war, vampire muffins and belly button lintel.

    Y be srs all the time!
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