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    Ropinirole - Recreational? 
    What is the consensus on this drug's recreational potential, because I can't find much information on the interwebs. It is for parkinsons/restless leg syndrome and acts as a D2, D3, D4 agonist with mild 5ht2a agonism as well. I got a bunch of 1 mg pills sitting around and I am scared to take them without further information.
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    I would say the recreation potential is zero. While it's a Dopamine agonist, is doesn't have reuptake inhibiting qualities or any other hallmarks of the classic "Dopamine Goodies" like amphs. When sudden sleep attacks are listed as a side effect
    that should tip one off that this isn't going anywhere good, nor is it Scheduled and even crappy Pemoline/ Cylert is is on the C4 list.

    Side Effects:Ropinirole can cause nausea, dizziness, hallucinations, orthostatic hypotension, and sudden sleep attacks during the daytime.

    and then there's a few percent of people with even stranger side effects:

    Unusual side effects specific to D3 agonists such as ropinirole and pramipexole can include hypersexuality, punding and compulsive gambling, even in patients without a history of these behaviors.
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    Zero recreational potential, unless you enjoy massive nausea.
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    No as said, it's not recreational at all. Pramipexole can be a tiny bit recreational when used with fairly strong adrenergic stimulants, but most other dopaminergic agonists cause very unpleasant side effects. Avoid.
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