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    It's no surprise that QH-II-66 is subjectively like alcohol but I'm interested to know if anyone has experienced the following to see if they are also alcohol-like


    A VERY na?ve logic in that a terminal alkyne is present with a hydroxyl or carbamate ester of the hydroxyl. I DID discover that etchlorvynol binds at the benzodiazepine site(s) as does it's carbamate but I don't know if it's at all selective. I DID try 2-methylbutan-2-yl carbamate and that WAS very alcohol-like and being a lot more potent meant that a dose fits into a couple of gel-caps. Things like clomethiazole & it's oxazole analogue do stop alcohol cravings and certainly are downers but they aren't like alcohol.
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    Did you intend for this thread to go in N&PD rather than here?

    Think this might need moving chaps
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