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    Hello BLorg,
    I've been reading threads here for years learning what I can, and have always found something helpful. I appreciate greatly how attentive polite and professional the mods and admins posts are, and it's nice to know the world still has some good people left in it. This site's purpose as HR is admirable and an excellent resource. I am excited to enter the community I have been watching from afar for so long.
    I only posted this because I was encouraged by the introductory memos, but I suppose if this needs moved or whatever- I generally read about HR on methamphetamine, as I have secrets and no intellectual persons in 'real life' with whom I can discuss/learn about such things when I have questions or concerns.
    That's me, glad I could make it.
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    Hi Dude Man Guy Bro -

    No need to move your post because there's no "question" that is beyond the scope that is usually answered in this sub forum. In fact it's a great "Hello" post !

    Hope you continue to contribute to Bluelight in the way that suits you. I'm looking forward to your posts
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