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    NEW MEMBER - Advice/Tips 
    Hey, I'm new to BL, 23,M currently living with my mom, sister, her husband and my nehpew. Anyways I'm a daily meth user, snort about 3-4 decent lines a day, started out just on weekends but yeah....before I got started meth I was an opiate/benzo addict for 7yrs and flew/moved across the country to go to rehab. Stayed clean for a month or so and started to take some opiates/benzos here and there and ended up getting some meth (had never tried before) and here I am! Go to work everyday spun the fuck out and everyone I work with (small painting contractor) knew me before I started using so I know they can tell somethings off and have prob been wondering if I'm ever gonna get better. Lol any helpful info or tips/advice would be greatly appreciated, like I said I'm relatively new to meth beside doing it everyday for the past few months. Sleep every few nights maybe 3-4hrs and eat breakfast and dinner everyday just have to get in the habit of the whole drinking water thing.... I hear it's kinda important
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    Hey Chris, welcome to Bluelight.

    Have you checked out the Sober Living or The Dark Side sub forums? There's lots of people who can give you support and advice. They also don't judge anyone, so you can feel safe talking about your particular set of circumstances.
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    Hey Chrisjs, and welcome to Bluelight. White Rose nailed it. Sober Living & especially The Darkside are places where no one will judge you at all, and those would be the best places if you need to run something by someone and want some helpful feedback.

    Sometimes I will check to see what Life Advice and VisualArts
    maybe you could try looking into a healthy hob, something that you enjoy doing. its good to keep the mind occupied with something, weather it's art. or Gaming.
    Let us know if you need help navigating the forums .
    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to send me a PM. here
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    Awesome, I'll have to go check them out. Thanks for the tip!
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    Maybe you could down grade to adderall and energy drinks? The effect of adderall is very similar just no rush.

    Good luck and see you around!
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    Thanks for the tip but sadly meth is alot easier to get in the Bay but def. Still going to try and get some..
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