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    life will fall apart if he doesn't stay awake. 
    swim and her boyfriend have a meth addiction. only smoking. spending over a grand a month together.
    swim's boyfriend has a good paying job, and has thus far maintained his job without and life without anyone finding out other "extracurricular' activities.
    swim and her boyfriend both know they must stop their bad habit, but swim's boyfriend had an adderall addiction for many years, which most likely caused him to be irriversably tired. meth keeps him awake, but without it, or adderall, he sleeps for days and will stay awake standing up.
    swim's boyfriend lost too much wait and is scared to try and get his adderall back, it's only been a couple months since he has taken it, but he's 5'6 and 108 instead of the 120 he was 2 months ago, swim's boyfriend also has a testical concern where it looks swollen and causes him a lot of pain. he used to have an epiderrmal?? cist? but didn't have an ultrasound? but there's pain and swelling but the swelling which almost looks like a ball is on the other side than the cist he had mentioned from a couple years ago. anyways, they want to stop. he can't lose his job. can't get his adderall back right now.

    swim has researched the adderall thing. swim read something about adrenal exhaustion. anyways,

    please help. their lives will fall apart if he gets fired. they want to get better.

    just read that don't do the swim thing.
    don't wanna retype.
    sorry in advanced.
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    Is it possible your boyfriend can take a few weeks off, either as holiday, sickness or personal reasons? Obviously you both know that the current situation is not sustainable - either he takes time off of his own volition, you both stop using meth (and ideally any stimulants) for a while and try to detox until you can both maintain healthier sleeping and eating habits... or unfortunately the likelihood is that things will spiral and he will lose his job anyway.

    Besides that, your boyfriend really needs to get himself to a doctor ASAP, and I mean, ASAP, like now if possible to get his testicle checked out... no-one is going to be able to diagnose him over the internet, and the worst case scenario is testicular cancer which is obviously no joke. "A lot of pain" and a testicle that looks like a ball should be considered potentially very serious symptoms and are not something to be ignored. As someone with testes myself, I understand the hesitation he might feel about going to the doctor for this kind of thing, and I don't mean to scare you, but I do want to impress upon you both the potential seriousness of the situation and that you should try your absolute hardest to get him to go.

    That said, I know that, sadly, some places in the world have lunatic, pathologically unjust medical systems that can make it very hard to get the appropriate medical help even if it is sorely needed, and I am guessing that you live in one of those places...

    I wish I had more useful advice, but good luck to you both in getting past this.
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    fuck off
    you both will probably sleep for days when you stop. its normal. with only a week bingeing on stimulants i need 24-48 hours sleep before i can physically wake up. like nothing can get me up. you've been doing it for months.
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    He's just going to have to take some days off work and ride it out. The good thing about stimulant detox is there are almost never life-threatening complications and it's more psychological than it is physical. I'm on a prescribed low-dose of Adderall (10mg 2x/day IR). I work with numbers and I don't take the Adderall unless I'm working. And if I have a day off and don't take it, I feel the crash, so I can't imagine what the two of you are going through. He really needs to see a doctor about the testicle, but also he's likely very malnourished, which could contribute to or even cause other problems. Even the 120 is underweight for his weight. The 108 is extreme.
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