Thread: Phenylethylamine dosing with no scale

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    Phenylethylamine dosing with no scale 
    Just received my phenylethylamine bulk shipment in the mail.
    Don't have my scale at the moment, and have kava kava and st.johns wort as mao inhibitors.

    Also have Korean ginseng extracts of 100 mg.
    My body is well versed in chemicals and I'm by no means sensitive to stimulants. (Few hundred milligrams of amphetamine salt will provide me a couple hours of stimulation, no more, cocaine powder almost no effect at normal "line" dosage)

    So what I want to know is how to get the best effect from this stuff. I'm not a fan of caffeine as it gives me anxiety, tho amphetamines seem to have the reverse effect.

    Is there a way to use the 100mg extract caps to figure my dosage? Already plan on using them to get past the taste.
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    just buy a scales man 0.01g ones
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksidesam View Post
    just buy a scales man 0.01g ones
    This. They're cheap as chips these days.

    Just curious as to what you're hoping to get out of the PEA. Are you looking to get high or just use it as a functional stimulant? I imagine that if you get very little in the way of stimulation from amphetamine or cocaine, this stuff isn't going to do much either. What sort of dose are you planning?
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