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    The best reagent test for testing MDMA 
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    Hello bluelighters! We are a non-profit harm reduction NGO, here to educate about drug checking and discuss what, if you have to choose one, would be the best reagent test for testing MDMA in your particular scenario.

    While it's essential to use multiple different reagents for adulterant screening, most people getting into reagent testing only want 1 test. Maybe a second, another one, but that's usually it. If you are looking to purchase just 1 bottle of a reagent test we have prepared a comparison of how exactly useful can each one be, and it is going to be different for each substance that needs to be tested.

    To test always use more than 1 reagent, because there are more possible substances than color reaction results. Tests presumptively indicate PRESENCE, but not PURITY or QUANTITY. A positive or negative test result does not mean, that the substance is safe. No substance is 100% safe.

    Full chart: (1) SIN Page (2) Google Docs

    And here is a picture of how useful it can be to pair Simon's reagent, with Robadope reagent and the golden standard, Marquis reagent test. The reagents are fully capable of disproving whether there is any primary amine in MDMA (like Amphetamine, 2C-x, PMA or MDA).

    Used reagent test kits are available at

    A short guide on how to test MDMA >

    For more reference always feel welcome to check out the bibles:


    1. BP - Most drugs - 1 - also available in their Android app
    2. SIN - Growing rapidly -


    1. Slovenian cops -


    1. SIN - 1 - web app in early alpha version
    2. SIN - TestDrugs -
    3. BP - BunkLeaks -

    PROMO: For anyone interested in a multiple-use MDMA Test Kit (or single-use kit) 10% discount with the code "bluelight"

    Questions? Comments?
    What do YOU think? What are your experiences? Which reagent(s) do you use, and why?
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