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    ^Yeah. Imagine it. You got to the Pharm, say "I'd like some dope please!" They say, "you just came in yesterday, you're not allowed more till next week." You don't get your drugs. You go home, live your life till next week, an addiction never forms.

    Now, imagine all drugs are illegal or even decriminalized. You call up your dealer, "Hey man, I want some more dope even though I just got some two hours ago," you say. He says, "Sure, come on by man. The more you buy the richer I am!" You get your dope, you continue your addiction, maybe you OD.

    Which sounds more reasonable in treating addiction?
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    Quote Originally Posted by funnydan View Post
    Because I believe we need to focus on treating addiction, instead of making it easier for people to get hooked
    ok, but how does decriminalizing a drug (or drugs) help here where legalizing does not?

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    @funnydan: you got some interesting things to say. one question.

    how do you think decriminalizing it would keep people from getting hooked?

    (honest question, trying to see things from your p.o.v. here)
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