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    Just some quick words of encouragement 
    Hi all.

    Just dropping by to say I love you all. I?ve been where you are right now. Whether it?s a new addiction that you are still in denial about having, or a 14 year war with your own mind, I?ve been there. Whether it?s day 1 of withdrawal or day 101, I?ve been there.

    What I?m saying is... you can do this. You can beat this bullshit. The human mind and it?s elasticity has blown me away in the last two years. I thought I?d never be the same. I?m better than I ever was. 2.0 if you will. You can read my story in my recovery journal in this forum, so I will spare you the details.

    You. Can. Do. This.

    When your legs start kicking and it?s 3 am and you?re begging the devil to please take your life, just take it minute by minute. It will pass. It may take a relative eternity, but it will slowly... and surely.... subside.

    I have no magic cure. I have no spiritually elevating speech prepared. I can only tell you that you will get better.

    Love you guys. Thank you for my sobriety. Message me if you need anything. Except pills

    - Flux
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    Thanks Flux!

    Love you too! Happy you are feeling better.
    I am too!
    It has been a rough one.

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    Indeed it has! Nice to see you
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