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    To be fair 
    A couple years ago I was bullied and banned and then permanently banned I want to get to my inbox to show the admin messages from mods saying nasty things and one mod sent me a pm by mistake that was meant for a mod on how to get me another infraction so they could permanently ban me. The proof is in my inbox and I deserve an apology. Now that the dictator is gone my concerns might not fall on deaf ears. I can send the admin my screen name and other info but I want to know it's going to the right person and not the bullies and co
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    You may send admins TheLoveBandit, spacejunk, Tranced and Sadie a message using

    Or you'd prefer to keep things off site, just use your email address of choice to send a message to [email protected]

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    "The dictator is gone"?

    That's pretty funny, but Bluelight is run by a big team of people. No dictators, just a lot of volunteers who contribute our time and our ideas to keep this place running smoothly and hopefully facilitating positive interaction, discussion and (most importantly) harm reduction information.

    I look forward to hearing from you (as TPD advises above), but if you are expecting anything has radically changed in recent times, i wouldn't get your hopes up - but of course we do our best to treat everybody fairly and assess things on a case-by-case basis.

    If someone has been banned unfairly, i definitely want to do anything i can to make it up to them - and i'm confident that this is true of all our staff, especially senior mods and admins
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