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    Methadone pill 
    I am stressing because I have to take a drug test tomorrow afternoon for school and last wed & thurs Aug 22 & 23, I took 1/2 methadone tablet on each of these nights totaling 1 methadone pill. I have been drinking more water and have taken a couple at home tests that showed negative but the line was quite a bit fainter compared to the other drugs it tests for. The home tests have the same cut off threshold for methadone as labcorp and quest does. My question is should I be worried about it still showing up in my system by tomorrow? Any insight/advice is appreciated!
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    I'm assuming 1 pill of methadone means 10mg? or the 40mg wafers? I'm surprised you're almost clean. regular opiates only take a few days to clear but methadone stores in your fat and body much much longer. all I can think Is if this was a one time dose it might be like clonazepam where just once doesnt build up to the level of storage as every day dosing. FWIW, at my methadone clinic the test strip for methadone was separate for opiates, I assume its the same all around , if they test for methadone at all.
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    I'm not really sure but I don't think you can be turned away from school or a job if you are on methadone treatment and if your not just say you are. They give people opiates for back pain and they can't use that against someone.
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