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    BBC Code for paragraph or line breaks 
    I have a long post, and I want to break it up into intelligible blocks. Unfortunately, it's all previewing as one blob. I've not had this problem before. I've tried [br]text[/br] and [linebreak]text[/linebreak] as well as the usual < p > text < /p > business to no avail. Any suggestions?
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    Getting to the point ...
    It should work, but the closest I can find is this from the "Bluelighting Tips" atop the forum (realize how long ago it was...things may have broken since then):

    Quote Originally Posted by felix View Post

    do you know...?

    how to insert

    horizontal lines

    into posts?

    it's not hugely intuitive, but once you've done it a couple of times it's a piece of piss. it's a great way of separating different sections to make them easier to read.

    all you need to do is insert the [hr] and [/hr] tags around a sentence you want to show UNDER the line.

    click on the 'quote' button to see how i did the first four at the top.
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