Thread: Appropriate amount to spend on a wedding gift

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    Appropriate amount to spend on a wedding gift 
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    So my best friend while I was in college is getting married in November. I've been invited to the wedding, reception and rehearsal dinner. Thing is, we're not all that close now. I haven't seen him in about seven years and speak only once every few months, especially since he's been in this relationship and has someone to dote on. I looked at their registry on and I was thinking of getting them a stainless steel ice bucket. It costs $65USD and is convenient for me since I have Amazon Prime and I wouldn't get charged for shipping. Would I look like a cheap ass if that's all I got them? I think the last wedding I attended was my own and that was in 2003. Someone better versed than me in etiquette, please advise.
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    spend what you can afford. $65 is plenty.

    im not better versed in etiquette. but i have an upcoming wedding to attend, i?m currently not rolling in dough, i won?t be taking advantage of the open bar, and that?s about what i?ll be looking to spend.
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