Thread: Do you know people who were sheltered from drugs as kids and went overboard as adults

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    Do you know people who were sheltered from drugs as kids and went overboard as adults 
    That's essentially me.

    I'm not blaming my parents by any means (even though they spewed out so much anti-drug propaganda, I'm responsible for myself now) but I have seen this with a few other people. You know when you here people say that if you don't teach kids moderation with alcohol, unhealthy foods, managing money then they'll go overboard....I think the same thing applies with drugs.

    It's funny how I was not anti-drug but pretty much not in the mood as a kid. I was not normal by any means though, I had and still have no social circle whatsoever...yes that's true with the exception of rantings I post on a fake Facebook account. I am mentally ill according to some because in 2013 I experienced elation so great every day for 6 months I can only imagine it to be like a stimulant induced high despite me never having touched drugs until 18. Oh...I also saw aliens.

    Getting back to the point, do you think moderation is important with drugs? I wonder how many people have become serious addicts because they went overboard and just tried everything they could pick.
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    ^ seconded
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    Me! I never did much of any drugs (just smoked pot and took LSD a couple times in high school). Then around the time I turned 40, I was under a huge amount of stress for several years and my depression ramped up. A buddy offered me some heroin. I took it, tried to be careful, and next thing I new it was 6 years later and I was still an IV heroin user.
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    I know if my world had been a little less sheltered, judgemental & a little more colorful as a child... my young adulthood would not have been so traumatic and abusive. I had no idea that I could have an opinion. I had no idea that my ideas and personality was 'normal'... I have some resentment(obviously) & always will
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