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    Line feeds get deleted on posting 
    Whenever i post something containing line feeds they get removed as soon as i submit the post. Im using Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS and Chromium browser if thats in any way relevant. This doesnt happen on other forums only on BL.
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    Does it seem like a vB specific issue? We are working on updating the site’s platform into something a bit more with the times.
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    Testing Firefox Testing Yea its happening in firefox aswell so it doesnt seem to be an issue related to chromium.
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    My best guess is that its an issue with how the vB handles \n, \r\n and \r. If that were the case tho there shouldve been more complains by now since i cant be the only one using a linux based system. I dont have any clue whats happening here really.
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    It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a vB issue. I’ll be willing to be it isn’t an issues once we update the forum platform. Thank you for your patienc’est!
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