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    deleting account 
    Ugh, hey guise. My better self would like to know if I can (::you can't UTFSE: delete all my posts.

    I've been on BL, first as DaNkStErSaUcE from like 2003 till more recently Boupstarnm.

    And well I have this problem. I know better to avoid BL, as I am not quite sober but my career is on the upswing and so is my drinking. As a result, I get drunk and post stuff on BL and then sober up for a week or two and repeat.

    I really love this place. I swear if enough junkies think you're a good writer, you get laid IRL. At the same time using this site is like career suicide....well and/or actual suicide.

    I've been here a minute, and last I checked I'd have to delete posts one by one. But yeah thought I'd ask just cuz well loneliness sucks, I can't get sobriety perfect enough to stay around so that leaves BL. I was once cool with comfort provided by BL however I've since hit my 30's and realized that alone time is supposed to be misery in order for group time to be more than tolerable.

    It's like everything in life, my clout is too much. Too handsome. Too good of a writer. Too many years surviving dodging the odds. I know. You would think that is enough suffering, but it's not...endless prayer and giving 110% to 'the system' equals another 'keeper' SO. Dream big suckers.

    I'd like to think I've covered all the forums with this post but can I shoot up my benzos? Love you all...partially I post here, cuz I haven't died. Maybe there's magic in these words or in those of us too obtuse to do anything right.
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    A tough dilemma . . . but no, there really isn't any way to hit the delete all button: you will have to manually do that. But, do think twice- you never know when, and for who, particular words will be make that crucial difference.

    Bluelight is sort of addictive. I've been here much too long

    That said, I have had breaks of up to 2.5 years in that time . . . maybe you just need a break too?

    All the best
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    I remember dankstersauce.

    There's ways and means mate but changing your password so you can't post helps but putting down your phone and getting away from the internet completely for a couple weeks works wonders.
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