Thread: A great new item for hiding the signs of sleep deprivation

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    A great new item for hiding the signs of sleep deprivation 
    L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Cool Eye Roll

    Your eyes will give you away every time . Eye droplets will only clear the redness from your eyes, not the areas around them. If you're having trouble hiding the signs of a 3 day bender, or just had a terrible sleep, this eye roller will help. I am not a Loreal sales rep, it just worked for me.

    Its easy to apply and it actually does a great job of getting rid of dark circles. I used to use it after staying up for a few days on speed, I use it if I have a really bad sleep as well so I look bright and alert for my boss. It has Vitamin C and Caffeine in it mainly , and it isn't expensive .

    One roll on lasts for weeks. Use this with Clear Eyes (or some other eye droplets ) , and you will be amazed how normal your eyes will look. I will state again this is not an advertisement I just think this is a cool and useful product.
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    I would be more concerned around stimulant behaviour than how one looks after 3 days. You might perform well but you wont appear normal compared to yourself when at work sober.

    You can pull it off for some time but not for ever. Perhaps the tip helps, im not challenging this but thier is more to xoncern yourswlf than face and eye appearance

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    I am challenging it!

    Well not really, though this is obviously not BD material, on the off chance you are being genuine

    If this is an ad,( I did say IF) fuck off. If not, then do not word it like an advertisement or official endorsement

    You can?t hid true sleep deprivation. I don? Even need drugs not to sleep (actually it?s lack of them at this point) CLOSED

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