Thread: How much is too much Suboxone, for my tolerance?

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    How much is too much Suboxone, for my tolerance? 
    So I know there?s a lot of factors that go into this, but I just wanted some opinions1. I know nobody?s a doctor and if someone is, then awesome, but I took a little over 2mg of Suboxone earlier this morning and then I took another 2mg or so like 13 hours after because I still felt a little irritable and had hot sweats. No chills though, but still couldn?t get comfortable. I took 90-120mg of oxycodone a day. It?s been 28 hours since my last oxy 30. I feel fine I guess, just a little anxious and my acid reflux is hurting my stomach/esophagus. But I just wanted to get an opinion. Is just a little over 4mg too much for me? Also I have a high metabolism and my withdrawals kick in from oxy 8 hours after my last dose, but I always wait till I have the sweats and slight chills to take a Suboxone to stay away from pwd.(Which is around the 12-13 hour mark of my last dose.)
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    I was on sub and doctor sold me too high of a dose. I was on 16-12 mg a day. If I ever went back I think about 4 mg would be just fine. I got very slow metabolism.
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