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    Just a hi so I can post my recent bad reaction to a prescription drug (of which I am prescribed). Have found a heap of posts about it that didn?t really answer my questions before I stupidly went ahead and took an amount that gave led to a psycotic episode. So want to share my exp.
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    Hey, welcome to Bluelight.
    We would like to hear about your bad experience with the perscribed medication,because it might help someone else out by reading it!
    I'm not really sure where to direct you because not sure what exactly we are talking about, so if you would like you could share it here and I will move it to the more appropriate forum on here (since this is just a new member introductions forum it may not get the feedback that you were wanting).
    I suggest just to browse around, and check out the other forums, also as I mentioned in a previous post, you can use the search function up top right of the screen , and check weather or not you want to search entire posts, or threads only for whatever it is you are trying to search.
    Also, in the site technical help forum there is a link that will change your viewing from mobile viewing to pc viewing, to be a little more viewer friendly(because i know of how much a hassle mobile viewing can be).
    Anyway, let me know if I can help. Cheers!
    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to send me a PM. here
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