Thread: Any funny drug stories threads?

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    Any funny drug stories threads? 
    I remember seeing a really cool thread about dealers and their stories obviously no details that could give them away but some of those stories could probably be sold for money anyway I'm in the mood to hear some funny or tragic, or both could someone point me in the right direction thanks.
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    I dunno how far this will go before being shut down, but I called my hospital to leave an inporntant message for a doctor. I then proceeded to smke some decent herb. so just as it was kicing in, the phone rang. Of course it was kicking in, I answered the phone and low and behold it was iy was my doctor. I tried to be profesional, but the doctor caught on and chuckled, then talked slower to me. That was akward!
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    Once got extremely fucked up on xanax and booze and decided it would be a good idea to take the trash out buck naked at 3am. My driveway is at least 100yards, i hope no one saw me. i found my underwear on the porch in the morning.

    It was a good thing i didn't feel the need to go for a walk down the road
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