Thread: Poppy tea + Cardio Workout = danger or no?

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    Poppy tea + Cardio Workout = danger or no? 
    Hi all. Hope everyone is well.
    I've had anxiety/self confidence issues my whole life and I've been on poppy tea for a few years now.
    So far I really like it and can't complain.
    I have a small drink in the morning, small sips throughout the day and a large drink before bed.
    Anyway I'm a bit podgy and decided to get into shape.
    I recently bought a used airdyne bike and I was working out and suddenly I was worried about my heart exploding or something.
    After all, the tea is slowing my heart rate but the exercise is speeding it up.
    I'm hoping I can slowly get into shape and feel good and maybe taper myself off the tea but I don't want to put myself at risk.
    I tried searching the net but all I get is stories of people using exercise to change their lives and stuff.
    Anyway thanks for reading.
    Peace out.
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    No worries friend. I used to use poppy tea on the regular, and also was a Physiology undergrad. Many times I would drink tea and go on a jog or run. If your RPE is under 9, you're almost guaranteed to be OK. Just stay hydrated. That's the most important thing. Maxing out one's heart rate is perfectly fine in almost any non-extreme circumstance. It's like red-lining a car... as long as you're warmed up, there will be next to no damage.

    I swear to the gods I don't believe it that I am being 100% serious.
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    No problem at all. I used to work a labor job on PST all day.
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    Wow been a long time since I popped in. Reassuring responses thanks.
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    I've never had a problem with opiates increasing heart rate or blood pressure. Not a doctor though.
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