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    It?s one way to get clean 
    Sooo I had like a gram a day habit of fentanyl/heroin. The dude I got it from was very reliable and established. Nearly 40 and has been selling since he was 16. Back like ten yrs ago my boyfriend used to sell coke and got it from this dude. We also live down the street from one another so picking up was very convenient. Most of the time he would just drop it off and hang out for a bit. I would say we were actually friends not just a business thing.

    Well a couple months ago I was driving home from work. I noticed commotion on his street. His house was being raided by the FBI(yeah like serious shit). The next day I was leaving for work and swear I turned behind him... which I confirmed it was him. I was so confused on what the fuck was going on.

    Well about a week goes by and he shows up at my door to give me a story on what happened and a ball of uncut shit... in attempts to stop seeing me daily. He says his warrant wasn?t for drugs but bomb making supplies because of internet purchases he made for things to make smoke bombs which he did actually do. I just figured there was no way he could be being truthful... but I also hadn?t had dope for 7 days and was thirsty to get high.

    I knew his demise was imminent. Anyway I continued to pick up from him basically every five days, which was about how often he got a new number. But about three weeks ago I learned he go picked up. I tried to help his girlfriend get things around for the lawyer and stuff but she is so strung out it?s difficult for her to do what she needs to do. And I found a receipt for condoms and lube when her dude is locked up so I lost all faith in her. Anyway, after calling five different places, I finally got the word on what his charges are. He has 5, federal charges, two dealing a schedule 1, 2 possession with intent to distribute- one coke and one heroin and then a possession of a firearm in a federal drug related crime. Sooo he?s hit. Like 20 yr minimum I?m sure. Anybody?s thoughts here on what he might get?

    I?ve managed to cop a couple times from his girl but she just scares me and I really just need to stop being involved. It?s been about week without any dope. Physically I?m doing pretty well. But my mind consumes me! I?m constantly thinking about getting high. I got some pain pills but they do nothing. That?s what sucks about heroin, like nothing ever gets you off the way it did. It?s just so discouraging. I just want a good buzz. Any tips here. I mean I could find a new plug but why. It?s probably best to be done. I?ve managed to hold my job and household together the last two yrs while I?ve been addicted but I just know I?m on the brink of destruction. Thoughts here?
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    sativa only
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