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    RIP Bluelighter Keith Parsons 
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    He had many names on this site, and various names on social media and forums throughout the internet. He was diagnosed with schizo-effetive disorder back when we were in high school. He and I were very close friends and we always would talk about bluelight and it was something that bonded us, among other things. He overdosed on Ativan, probably had DXM/DXO in his system and possibly loperamide too. It happened several months ago and I didn't find out until 2 months after he because he had moved to Ohio and I've remained on the east coast US. He was on SSI disability. What happened was, he binged on DXM and probably took too much, ended up in the hospital, and the hospital neglected to contact his social worker and they just sent him home with a bottle of 90 ativan, which he (he was very ignorant about benzos, because rightly so, no doctor would ever give them to him because of his history as a drug abuser, and he did not know how dangerous they are as CNS depressants) took a handful of and then contacted me via social media and said "ativan is weak" and that is the last message I got from him. So presumably he wasn't feeling the ativan was strong enough and ignoratly took more. Not sure how much he took, but however much it was, was enough to kill him, because he was found dead the next morning. It's been very difficilt to live with this and it has also made me slow my drug use, as my drug of choice has always been DXM (I've OD'd on heroin once but I only did H for about 2 years and completely stopped and haven't done it in a good 2 years now, DXM was always #1) and I have pretty much tapered off my usual regimen of using DXM 3-4 times a week at doses of 750-900mg and am down to 400mg and will continue to taper off. The side effects from WD I experience are sweating in my sleep and I also feel like I may have done some damage to my kidneys, but I live an extremely healthy lifestyle to try and compensate for my drug abuse. Just wanted to vent here and leave Keith a little thread in his memory on his favorite forum. This is his obituary.
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    Hello Embryo,

    Wow I am so sorry for your loss, I had a look at his obituary and he was a very well loved, special and interesting guy. What a terrible shame. So sad.

    I think it's good you are tapering off DXM yourself, be patient and kind to yourself, I'm proud of you for realizing you need to stop and I am here to support you.

    Here for you anytime,
    your friend,
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    So sorry to hear this... over the years we've lost a lot of BLers, some of them were good friends, one of them was one of my best friends in "real life". RIP Keith
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