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    Growth Peptides 
    Wondering if any of y?all run peptides with your gear? I?m on wk4 of cjc and MgF stacked with my gh. Also running T400 at 600mg/wk, tren ace70mg/eod, masteron prop 200mg/eod and anavar at 60mg a day. Started my cut at around 210-212lbs at around 9%. Right now I?m 198lbs at around 6/6.5%. I?ve really noticed the mgf and cjc working on my legs for mass since I?m cutting right now. Lemme see if I can upload a pic. (From my log on another forum)
    This Is a photo collage of the past 23days. Top right isbat beginning of mgf and cjc, bottom right is roughly 7-8days later. And the big one in the left is 23days into it. Noticing hella solid gains from the added peptides.
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    I've used most peptides in the past but they don't get anywhere near what HGH does IMO so I don't even bother anymore.

    If those pics are recent though, not to hate but not 6.5%. I've got shots of my legs from my last show where I was probably ~5-5.5% and they are striated as shit with veins crawling everywhere. And yes everyone, I'll upload if I get around to figuring out how to do it lol
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    These are recent
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    The leg pics were I wanna say, 10ish days ago? I?ve NEVER had super leaned out wheels. Lowest I got was around 5.5% for a photo shoot and hated every bit of it with my joints.
    I do a cycle log over at a rather popular PED site/forum if ya wannabcheck it out
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    And this photo collage goes with the leg one on a timeframe. I was on the last week of npp before dropping it and adding mast
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    Here?s a calve shot from today
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    Quote Originally Posted by DysfunctionalVet View Post
    And this photo collage goes with the leg one on a timeframe. I was on the last week of npp before dropping it and adding mast
    Closer to 8% imo..
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    Yeh in those photos I was actually thinking maybe even 9?
    Whatcha think bout this one? This is the recent one, along with that calves shot
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    Yeah was thinking ~8% +/- in those as well. Individual water retention or lackthereof can impact perceived bf a lot as well so people can definitely be leaner or less lean depending on how much they hold and where
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