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    Seen So Many Therapists- Doing Therapy Yourself 
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    I've been seeing therapists for six years. CBT, DBT, Gestalt, mindfulness, a mix of a bunch. DBT has helped a munch as my main issues are BPD and anxiety. However there aren't really a ton of great therapists left. I honestly think I went through all the therapists in my city.

    I'm not trained. I work with computers. Psychology is interested but I'm not trained in it. I have DBT book. But I want to work on this myself or even find some like-minded people and chat about it and go through some books or something. I just feel like there's no other way to be successful in getting through everything because the therapists are not helping enough.

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    It's indeed very difficult to find a therapist with whom you "connect" and trust. I'm lucky to have found my therapist, I've been seeing her for the past 15 years (with some intervals between the years) and I'm totally honest and open to her. Her approach is "psychotherapy", which is totally different from CBT, for example... I saw a CBT therapist for 6 months and I found this method to be more "invasive", she would rather give me answers to my questions and she would not focus on what was behind them, in order for me to have a better understanding of myself - which is more like I'm used to in psychotherapy... You mentioned a book and one of the things that CBT psychologist recomended me was a book which I found really helpful to rationalize and understand my feelings, it's this one:

    Keep trying to look for a therapist which makes you feel comfortable!
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    Hey Herby,

    I was delighted to hear not too long ago that meditation techniques on the level of mindfulness just scratch the surface of what one can accomplish meditation, how deep one can go. Hope that starts off a fruitful search for ya!
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