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    Cannabis Business 
    I read about how big the Marijuana business is becoming now that things are becoming legal in some places. I am not sure if anyone else read this article but it looks like people are making businesses and making money in the Cannabis industry now. Does anyone here work in the cannabis industry? Is this just hype?
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    1 for the money, 2 for the better green, 3-4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine
    are you kidding??

    it's a literal cash crop m8 where have you been my guy?


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    trust me it helps .

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    Only problem is we legal states now have way too much and no way to export it. For it to truly change economics on the scale of the entire country though it would require so much energy it'd probably send us the way of Shanghai with smog everywhere due to the massive amount of power indoor grow ops use.
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    There has always been money in marijuana the only change is who the players are now, instead of running from the government we are paying them to protect us vs others paying them to harass us.

    Now the money will be taxed, banked, borrowed and counted so there will be a lot more people getting tiny pieces of the money from weed. In reality it isn't going to get cheaper we will pay more simply because now we pay for the government structure from the money as well.

    The positive side to legalization is it allows us to get along a little better, soon we'll have less needless jail sentences and less incarceration. The cost of fighting ourselves for the last 100 years has been insane.
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