Thread: Told my doc it?s becoming a problem

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    Told my doc it?s becoming a problem 
    Today I saw the doc and the first thing I said was I want to be weaned off gabapentin.

    She said what?s the problem?

    I told her I abuse it. This is my first step to recovery. Gabapentin hardly even gets me high anymore.

    She decided to do a slow wean. I agreed with her. Please keep me in your thoughts. I need them.
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    I'm real proud of you for being honest with your doctor. I know I couldn't be open about it.

    You're going to have a better life for it man, congrats.

    I really hope you feel OK with your taper.
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    It won't be bad man
    Addicted? Want to stop? We can help! Come to the sober living forum!
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    Gabapentin isn't bad . I was on soma for a year last year . Three 350mg's a day . I had 1 sleepless night and about 2 days nervous then I was fine .
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    Gabapentin w/d is brutal for me. I wish I was like the above posters- but I'm not.

    Horrible cold sweats, nausea. And the anxiety? Omg. It's inbearable.

    If you're doing a very slow taper, it would probably be much different. And good job on being honest w your Dr. But more importantly, with yourself.

    Sending you positive vibes )))))).
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