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    Nozinan (levomepromazine) 
    I wanted to reply to this topic because I would like to know more about others' experience with Nozinan (Levomepromazine, also known as methotrimeprazine), since it's one of the medications I've been prescribed.

    I also take Quetiapine (Seroquel) at a dosage of 600mg/day, and I have been taking Quetiapine for quite a while now, like 5 years or so... I don't get anymore any of the side-effects, like feeling sleepy or drowsy, but I did gain a lot of weight because of it.

    I wrote about Quetiapine just to say that the "sleepy, drowsy" and anxiolitic effect is so much more intense with Nozinan and it seems these effects do not fade away with time. I'm prescribed 200mg/day, I take one on the afternoon and another one at bed time, it takes about 1-2h for it to kick in...

    It's my prefered medication for my anxiety (I also take Clonazepam [Klonopin] 6mg/day on the top of Quetiapine - not used only for my anxiety for also as a mood-stabilizer), and it's my prefered medication for anxiety because you feel such a "peace" when it begins its effects...

    It's a very strong medication - I read somewhere that it's among the most sedating antipsychotics... So if you are looking for something to really calm you down, this is the one. I use it only for my anxiety and as a sleep-aid,,, For stabilizing my mood, I'm prescribed Quetiapine and Depakote ER.

    No quetiapine (seroquel) will ever make you feel so "numb", specially in higher doses (Here where I live Nozinan is also sold in 25mg pills, 25mg does absolute nothing for me, but a friend of mine, which used Levomepromazine for some time, told me 25mg made she totally "numb", I need 100mg at least to feel something)

    Does anybody else have experienced Nozinan (Levomepromazine)? I'm curious to read others' opinion.

    Best wishes to you all!
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    At first glance it looks to me to be some sort of promethazine derivative, yet in my experience Seroquel is a much stronger sedative than any reasonable dose of promethazine (although the two do share a few similarities in the type of sedation feeling they produce), so it must be many times more potent.

    Seroquel definitely makes me feel emotionally numb; Ive often used it in the past as a kind switch, for lack of a better description, when I felt overwhelmed and just wanted to cut everything out. Im fairly sure Im also familiar with the feeling of peace that youre describing...its quite unlike benzos or alcohol...and in many ways I would describe it as more like a sensation of mental anesthesia than anything else.

    Needless to say, if this substance is as much more powerful a sedative compared to Seroquel as you say, be very careful with it.
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    I figured id post this dosage information since i found it interesting especially the large differences in mgs depending on use .

    Lised in Dosage.
    Adult : PO Schizophrenia As maleate: 25-50/day in 3 divided doses, w/ higher dose at night. Non-ambulant: 100-200 mg/day. Max: 1g/day. Adjunct in severe terminal pain; Nausea and vomiting As maleate: 12.5-50 mg 4-8 hrly. Sedation 10-25 mg at bedtime. IV/IM Adjunct in severe terminal pain; Nausea and vomiting As HCl: 12.5-25 mg 6-8 hrly. Severe agitation: Up to 50 mg IM Acute pain As HCl: 75-100 mg in 3-4 deep inj. Post-op pain As HCl: 10-25 mg 8 hrly, 2.5-7.5 mg 4-6 hrly if residual effect of anesth present. Premed in surgical procedures As HCl: 10-25 mg 8 hrly . Final pre-op dose: 25-50 mg approx 1 hr before surgery"

    Crubsc so your saying you take
    Quetiapine 600 mg
    Levomepromazine 200 mg
    Clonazepam 6 mg
    Vaplroic acid (depakote) I take that too

    Do you have some type of mental illness like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia?

    The reason I ask is I dont think what any person who happens to take levomepromazine one time will generalize very well to you. I think you might be better off focusing on people who have a similar reason for why ever your prescribed those meds and how they did LONG term.

    For example, when I took depakote for the first time if all i did was report what happened youd get "I took it made me kinda sleepy and it was hard to walk for a few hours after taking it" vs long term "it gives me no side effects and my mood does seem to be more stable"
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    I'm going to fix this so you have your own thread and move over to Mental Health for you.
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    Hey d1nach

    Thanks for your reply!

    That's right, I take exactly those meds in that "amount"... You asked if I have some type of mental illness: well, I'm not bipolar, but my pdoc says I have "unspecified mood disorder", some psychiatrists talk about "a mood disorder spectrum", you can read more about it here.

    I also have had, and I think I'll always have, substance abuse disorder, more specifically cocaine and to a lesser extent alcohol.

    You also mentioned your experience with Depakote, I don't remember feeling sleepy on it, even when I first started it. When I started Quetiapine though, it did make me drowsy, but nothing compared to when I started Nozinan, which was when I was hospitalized (for substance abuse)... The difference, in my opinion and in my experience with these drugs, is that the drowsy side-effect passed after a couple of weeks while on Quetiapine and nowadays I don't feel sleepy at all when I take Quetiapine (I read in a topic here on Bluelight that the smaller the dosage, the more sleepy you'd feel on Quetiapine)... Nevertheless, I do know that Quetiapine helps a lot with my anxiety and mood swings... My reaction to Nozinan has never changed though, it always makes me "peaceful" and also sleepy, sometimes more sleepy, sometimes less sleepy, it depends on the day, I don't know why. I have always taken 100mg pills, first once a day and then twice a day... After lunch I take 100mg of Nozinan and 200mg of Quetiapine... Let's say I take it at 1PM, by 3PM I'd feel relaxed and a bit drowsy, sometimes more sleepy... I can carry on doing my things, but sometimes I do need to take a nap...

    As for Clonazepam, it does absolutely nothing to me at my current dosage (it only prevents me from withdrawal, since I became addicted to it, unfortunately), for me to feel the calming effect of it, I'd have to take at least 10mg and even so, it's not (obviously) as potent as Nozinan (or Quetiapine), as far as a "calming" effect is concerned.

    (Sorry for my mistakes in English)

    Greetings from Brazil ! Cheers!
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