Thread: US Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) defiant as allegations mount

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    US Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) defiant as allegations mount 
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    WASHINGTON Representative Jim Jordan is facing the kind of slowly percolating scandal that would bring down other politicians in other times, as new accusers step forward by the day to say the wrestling coach turned politician was aware of sexual misconduct at Ohio State University but did nothing to stop it.
    But like the man Mr. Jordan doggedly supports, President Trump, the Ohio Republican has the kind of stalwart supporters who do not lose faith easily, and they are already defending the conservative powerhouse, saying he is the victim of the same deep state conspirators liberal bureaucrats embedded in the government who are trying to bring down the president.
    Mr. Jordan, a 54-year-old congressman in his sixth term, was defiant Friday night on Fox News, in his first extended response to the emerging charges. He disparaged some of the former college wrestlers who have come forward to say he knew of allegations that the team doctor, Richard H. Strauss, had fondled them. He said he could not explain why other more friendly wrestlers had leveled similar charges.
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    When I suspected some kids were being sexually abused (by their dad) I alerted authorities.

    It’s disgusting that someone would try to say the allegations weren’t a big deal.

    He needs to resign.
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    I'll keep this separate for a bit to give it some room from the Weinstein/Sex allegations thread, unless another mod feels differently.

    After the horror show of the Roy Moore endorsement, I don't think that the remaining Trump Republicans will ever rescind their support for him.

    The rich ones I understand to some degree because they don't care; they have more money and they like it.

    The other Trump fans are puzzling, but I think maybe they are like those people who are in doomsday cults whose belief doesn't waver when their leader is proven wrong. It's frighteningly apt, which is interesting.

    Even the thought of a moral center/family values is being utterly destroyed by Trump Republicans. It will be odd to see how Trump affects that fictional political aspect of the Republican Platform. While I don't agree with the traditional family model as reflecting reality, I like the idea of something better than "everything goes" in the tradition of the Roman Empire.

    Note: the links I reference are a little lighthearted, but these ideas are grounded in history, psychology, and politics. I can provide boring academic sources on request.
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