Thread: When does sex drive and emotions come back after stopping RISPERDAL CONSTA?

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    When does sex drive and emotions come back after stopping RISPERDAL CONSTA? 
    Risperdal consta is the injection form of risperdal. I have taken this horrible drug for 3.5 months and have finally decided to stop it. That is around 7 injections. I now have ZERO sex drive, memory problems, cant feel love, cant cry, ugly posture, roughened facial features that make me look way uglier and older than before, and many many other symptoms that I cant even describe. I quit risperdal injections on June 5th. That is an exact one month clean from any anti psychotic drug. I am clean and not taking any kind of drug right now. How long will I have to wait to recover? I read someone was on the same risperdal injection for 1.5 years and recovered after 3 months. I really hope I recover before then. I am literally living in hell. Will the man breasts I developed on this drug disappear? Will my odd and ugly posture restore to normal? Will I look my age again (Im 25 but because of risperdal injection I look 45). I really wish I never took this drug and want to just die. Please help.
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