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    Lil bender 
    I have been using heroin for about 5 to 6 years now. Been off the stuff and on vivitrol for 14 months. Got off it cause I missed a shot due to circumstances that don't really pertain to this question. Now I've I only used for 3 weeks and I'm coming in on 100 hours of no use and will be getting my shot again today. Can anyone provide some insight as to when I'll be able to sleep normally again? All my other physical symptoms are gone for the most part, even the mental ones aren't too bad. I can imagine 3 weeks tore up my ryhthm too bad? IDK anyone have similar circumstances that can provide a general timeline? Thanks
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    Sleep is last to return for me and most others. Luckily 3weeks didn?t turn into three months.
    I don?t really know but I would use something to help with sleep. I know if I didn?t sleep, I usually broke down and used. I wasn?t able to stick with being clean until I was able to sleep decently.
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