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    Mew's Detox Diary =^..^= 
    After years of using, getting on methadone, trying subs, using more ect ect ad infinitum ad nauseum... im going to do this. Its 9:38 pm on July 3rd. Tomorrow is the 4th so it will be a fitting day to start. I'm going to do warm turkey, and i anticipate that it will take 2 weeks but honestly i have no clue. If anyones done it this way i'd love to hear-i know its not common but it makes the most sense if you have the willpower bc heroin is so short acting. I was considering getting back on methadone and then i watched a video by this girl, she was 78 dsys clean of methadone and STILL felt like crap. Ive heard that a lot. Contrarily, ive heard that with dope, after about a month youre good. Sonce im not doing it cold turkey i'll assume 2 months for me.

    I'm going to do this. Fuck this drug addict bs. I consider myself an independant person, yet im a slave to drugs?

    I snort btw, i dont shoot. I used to but havent in ages.

    This thread will serve as encouragement and to show detoxing this way can be done. I will check in tmrw morning.

    Ps: was just flipping through videos on youtube and came across a vid of these two girls, friends.. theyd just taken a hit of salvia and were hella high and giggling and habing so much fun. I dont mean i want to do salvia, but that video just brought me back to being 15 and smoking weed with my friends and judt laughing and laughing...and like, that was supposed to be the point of my drug exploration. Now i just do dope, get well, sometimes i might get a *little* high but nothing amazing... its a drudgery, its not a happy thing.

    And its just like.. the point was to feel good. To be happy. Drugs do NEITHER for me anymore. I dont even feel alive if im honest. I just feel like a zombie.

    So anyway... tmrw is the day. i WILL do this. And in four months, i will be with a friend laughing and having fun
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    Sounds like a plan then!

    It is not the same but I used oxycodone for years until I was able to taper off but couldn't bear the PAWS and decided to give myself some time with Suboxone ORT and stayed for a year in 12mg dose until I was switched to oxycodone/naloxone preparation for a half a year for pain management and partly because I have seen how long and bad the buprenorphine withdrawals can be.

    Oxycodone/naloxone was then tapered in inpatient detox within a week from 80mg to zero and I find that more comfortable than what the switch from Suboxone to oxycodone/naloxone was as it took three weeks of some withdrawals until I was stabilized.

    I did just few clonidine and loperamide while detoxing and the only WD symptoms were high blood pressure on day four of the rapid taper and some diarrhea on the first zero days.

    Now I have been without opiates for a half a year and I am pretty much back to baseline if you don't count the depressive episode of bi-polar type II which has been going on for atleast a couple of years.

    Within a month of abstinence from opiates I was starting to feel emotionally better than I was when using opiates and even the depression is starting to go away at the moment and I have even ceased to take Cymbalta for it as well as discontinued Abilify Maintena for preventing manic episodes as it was just hindering my true abilities to cope with the depression that I've learned after staying two months in rehab after quitting opiates.

    You can do it!
    Just wait until the opiate haze has started to disappear and you'll find plenty of reasons to stay away from opiates.

    I am currently six months sober if not counting the occassional use of MDMA or other empatogenics and psychedelics.
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