Thread: 6 panel drug test, Percocet and dilaudid?

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    6 panel drug test, Percocet and dilaudid? 
    I had a c section 2 weeks ago and was discharged with a prescription for hydromorphone. Today (Tuesday) I took a Percocet because I ran out. I have a six panel drug test on Thursday, now if I pee in the cup and come up positive and say I only took the hydromorphone (dilaudid) will they know? Are they the same? What does the 6 panel test for? If not, what can I do to pass the test in like 2 days?

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    Sorry we couldn't help you, unfortunately this forum is for questions about testing the drugs themselves rather than testing people.
    Please use the Search & Index
    Please make sure you always reagent test your drugs. $10 is a small price to pay for peace of mind!

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