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    Quote Originally Posted by swilow View Post
    I have really no opinion on Musk as a person, but I inherently distrust these sort of rich dudes and I'm really no impressed by this publicity stunt

    That said, I really do like SpaceX and think it is a good first step towards privatising space travel. Of course, there is profit to make.

    I'll merge this with the other thread now.

    Why It Was Always Dumb To Worship Musk

    imo Musk reminds me of the antagonist in some sci fi movie/series that some people must travel to the past to stop
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    Alright, let's all play nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phenethylo J View Post
    imo Musk reminds me of the antagonist in some sci fi movie/series that some people must travel to the past to stop
    That's funny. I could see him as a draft version of a robot.

    It's bizarre that he called some guy a paedo. It's one label that is very hard to shake and just not cool to publically accuse somebody of. Presumably this is where his purported autism comes into play. Whilst it's a crass and dangerous thing to say, his social media personality in general makes me glad that at least he's not one of these typically robotic CEO types who seem to be constantly speaking through a filter. I do like him.
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    MAE SAI, Thailand — Three weeks after they emerged from a flooded cave complex, guided to safety by expert divers while their families and supporters around the world awaited word of their safety, the Thais known as the Wild Boars began a ceremony on Tuesday to become novice Buddhist monks.
    Wearing white, the boys and their coach walked in a line in the northern town of Mae Sai, holding their heads low and their hands together. Hundreds of fans stood behind them with their phones out, occasionally trying to grab a quick photograph as the team passed by.
    “It’s enough!” the acting head monk, Prayut Jetiyanukan, said over the loudspeaker system at the temple, Wat Pha That Doi Wao. Trying to keep a somber and respectful mood as the process to ordain the boys began, he added: “Fans! Please get back! They haven’t had a proper sleep in days and need their rest.”

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