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    Yet more fake "moon rocks" 
    My region has had an absence of legit Molly for awhile and it seems nothing has changed.

    Recently, a trusted plug mentioned that he or she had acquired some moon rock. It had been ages since I had bumped into a reputed pure MDMA. What little in the form of tablets that circulated a few years ago had cuts and, if active, one was lucky if it was MA. I pretty much flew to his house and settled on a g. I'm glad I didn't go for a ball.

    It looked legitimate on initial inspection. Opaque, rather than translucency as with many bath salts. It had a waxy, solid feel. However, it was more white than I have previously seen and less crystalline as it should have been. I was a bit thirsty for that lady, so my brain announced it was product purity. It had that bitter amphetamine flavor but, in hindsight, it wasn't as pronounced as it should have been.

    So, my lady and I bombed just over a solid point (.12), set the setting and waited. And waited. Also, we waited some more.

    A bit about me: I have and always have had a high tolerance to anything taken to the stomach and a bit through the nose. It's been an annoyance at times, but it may have prevented catastropic consequences in former days. So, I am used to waiting upwards of twice the time it takes the majority of people to experience a substance. The thing is two hours had past and *neither* of us had experienced anything more than a slight intensification of color and mild trails. What "rolls" I experienced were weak and my wack body chemistry experiences those on all amps. She broke into some minor sweats. I didn't.

    So, we redosed insufflation-style in hopes to kick it in, IF there were anything to kick in. We're already becoming very suspicious. No nasal burn at all. There's definitely something up.

    About 6 hours past the initial dose, we say screw it and decide to prepare for bed. I start munching on my favorite addiction, Reese's Cups, and she's gnawing on some chips and, WTF!, we both get a hella roll. I basically released some children in the orgasmic smack and after a few lesser rolls later, nothing...until several hours later, when I wake up and I get hit with a handful more, with none more significant than the big one previously described.

    I understand that eating a short time after a dose can decrease the up, but I'm also experienced enough to know that none of that screams Molly, especially the delay and overall weakness of effects especially if it's "pure".

    And so began my research to determine what was in those rocks. After reading and re-reading about reagents, potentially dangerous cuts and all that bull that made me wish it was earlier days, I expedited a Marquis kit. While awaiting its arrival, all of my free time was dedicated to researching the different chemicals fraudulently sold as MDMA. I was familiar with many of the RCs and some I actually enjoyed, but most are trash compared to the real deal.

    So, I tested and I was not surprised it wasn't what it was said to be. Here's an ampule with the results.

    It turned yellow within a second and migrated to orange within 15-20 seconds. Before the sample had dissolved, it turned a burnt orange. It fizzed and smoked after going orange. I have a one minute video of the reaction of a second sample off the same rock if anyone is interested.

    As to what it is, I would like to know. I have seen Marquis charts that may point towards Methy/Butylone and others suggestive of a 2C-T(x) compound. Opinions? All remarks are greatly appreciated!
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    Video of second reaction:
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    Check out our extensive reagent reactions charts

    For Marquis we have listed over 550+ substances. Those matching your reaction are mostly fentanyls, cannabinoids, 4-MAR, bk-2C-B, Diphenidine... Your substance might not even be pure. Do you have any more reagents?

    The fizzing smoke tells us it's HCl, not freebase (but we knew that already I guess)
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    I have plenty of reagent left.

    No narcotic effects as fen would indicate, plus I'm unaware of it being rocked. 2c variants are likely and I'm still wondering about the methylone as we would have taken a substandard dose for stronger or immediate effects. Could still be with inert cuts, but the immediate reaction still makes me wonder about that.
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    I would echo what SIN says here, you need to test with a second reagent if you want a chance of making an ID. Many different substances have the same reaction with a single reagent, but almost none have the same reaction with three different ones.
    Please use the Search & Index
    Please make sure you always reagent test your drugs. $10 is a small price to pay for peace of mind!
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    Do you feel that a Libermann reagent should be the next test? It's what I've been considering.
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    It will certainly be something. You could also try Mecke and Simon's (ideally with Robadope) to begin with.
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