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    If I just stop! 
    The only solution to my drug problems is to stop cold turkey. I?m almost three months into klonopin/Xanax/suboxone withdrawals but I have no withdrawals from them.

    I decided he?ll ir high water I was going to stop. I was anxious like the first week but I noticed I wasn?t in the hellish withdrawals I had a year ago.

    God delivered me beci chose to resist. Gabapentin has been a monster. The withdrawals resemble benzo withdrawals. I?m always anxious if I don?t take it in time.

    I?m just st soooo sick and tired of this merry go round.
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    What do you mean you are almost three months into withdrawals, but have no withdrawals?

    Quitting benzos cold turkey can be life threatening. The risk of seizure is not something to be ignored. Also, psychosis is another risk. Hallucinations and delusional thinking can make it impossible to make safe or rational decisions.

    Go to a detox center if you are going to try cold turkey.

    Tapering never worked for me. I tried for years, but so long as I was the one responsible for controlling my use, it was going to remain out of control. Ended up having a psychotic episode while trying to go cold turkey, got arrested, spent about 40 days in jail then 50 days in rehab. I've been hospitalized a few times from having seizures during benzo WD. Still dealing with back pain from the last seizure.

    Take care of yourself... be safe.
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    I?m three months into benzo withdrawals and I don?t have any withdrawals. What I mean is that I?m over it.

    I?m talking about gabapentin. I abuse it and I want to stop but those withdrawals are horrible. I wished it was easier then this.
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