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    Bad tooth issues..... 
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    So am i just not very good at making sure i do not get cavities or meth just kill this tooth off? (Smoking meth)like i even brushed my teeth every single time right after smoking and fuck i feel like i have bad breath alllll the time still and granted the tooth broke apart cause i bit down on my metal tongue ring hard when eating gummy worms one day, but it like fell apart hella more after a few years of tweaking... and how soon should i take care of this bad tooth till it like tries to kill me with being able to get poison in my bloodstream to my heart shit that i was told about in elementary school? my memory is shit so i dont remember anything else other than cavities can poison your heart and kill you slightly fast???
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    NOW. I cracked a tooth literly all they did was fill it up and i went from pain to no pain took all of like thirty minutes only needed novocaine. Its like having a open cutt your just asking for something horrible to happen when all you need is a few stiches.
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    If it's causing you pain, I would see a dentist soon. They can take an x-ray to tell if the tooth is infected or it's spread
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    What? cavities can poison you.. no wait a sec, ay. I don't think that cavities has anything to do with the bloodstream, even if it's linked with it a bit, it's just infected as Calderone said, or maybe it a genetic thing which it's inerhited from your family. I remember a buddy of mine which in time all his teeths broke/fell apart for no fuckin reason ( he didn't do meth/heroin).
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    ^Plaque from teeth is thought to do something to the hear (I think). But if you have a decaying tooth, that is a localised infection and it is plausible for it to spread.

    OP, I'd be getting it looked at ASAP. I had bad teeth issues too a while back, but the worst issue by was a tooth (far back molar) that crumbled when I was eating raw almonds. I left it for about a year or so and ended up getting it filled (and multiple other teeth too). However, as the cavity and damage was so deep, the dentist couldn't drill away all the decay, and the tooth ended up getting badly infected- absolute fucking agony, incredible intense pain caused by gas in a tiny cavity beneath the filling expanding and putting incredible pressure on the nerve- it is one of the most painful things I can recall, and I took about 900mg of codeine (and 100mg or so of diazepam) which did very little. Actually, it terrifies me to imagine that the opiate did in fact mute the pain; if that is so, I would hate to go through that again. The thing that did help was cold water; I discovered this by accident during my 8hrs of agony- I ended up going to an emergency dentist as it was late on a Saturday night, and he explained that the cold water was causing the gas to contract and release the nerve- this was just before he numbed the fuck out of my mouth and yanked the tooth out. The root itself was pitted and eaten away!

    Instant relief though. Fortunately, it as a tooth that I could 'afford' to get removed. Still a traumatic experience, and all because of a drug-induced dental issues, an almond and my inherent laziness. Don't be like me.

    Try chewing gum and stuff, saliva production helps to neutralise acids on your teeth. Don't brush too hard, and try to avoid sugary stuff like gummy worms
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