Thread: don't want to take meds (prozac and adderal)

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    don't want to take meds (prozac and adderal) 
    i don't believe in "chemical imbalance" I believe in natural remedies. I should have a say when it comes to my person even if i am "under aged". i don't feel like myself and i feel like i'm losing myself permanently. i strongly believe the government poisons it, and even if you think i sound babyish me at least help me out. I've tried hiding it under my tounge but then my parents found out. i've tried talking to my doctor and my therapist and my parents and what ended up happening is them shoving pills up my mouth. if i make myself throwup will that work? i tried pushing them back in my side of the cheecks but i can't. thanks for the help
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    Do you have mental illness? What exactly do you mean by natural remedies and how do they work?

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    If both your doctor and your parent thinks you need this medication, and you are under age, you must comply. Other than that, there isn't much to say. We aren't going to be giving you any advice as to how to hide medication so people think you took it, or offer any advice on supplements/herbs to take for a mental illness. That is that. There is not further utility in this thread. Closed. PM me for questions....

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