Thread: Does the US have MOM's (explanation)

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    Does the US have MOM's (explanation) 
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    It might be obvious but mail Order Marijuana. It exists. On a very large scale and very easy to order from. Canada Post is used, but because the mail cannot be surveilled and packages have always arrived double vacuum wrapped. I placed an order incorrectly once and the physical payment I sent disappeared. About a year later I received a letter in the mail along with my payment returned and a handwritten note that said 'Look what the cat found'.

    Anyways, do MOM's exist in the US or are well organized? New York has a thriving courier delivery service I think - others?

    The prescription MJ I receive has never been air tight and I think the black market has better service.


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    There are services in the US that deliver. Of course with a charge. I never found them appealing so don't know much really about it.

    I suspect mail services to be the largest drug movers in the world however as far as the blackmarket goes.
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    There are a ton of places that do delivery in Oregon but it's like a short drive away thing they're not going to mail you anything.
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